We know that the largest cost you have in your community is payroll. It is not uncommon for payroll to account for almost 70% of total facility expenses; if these expenses aren’t properly controlled or justified, the facility will suffer and eventually flounder.

As part of our senior living market feasibility assessments, we perform staff assessments that evaluate your facility’s operation and identify potential savings without impacting the service to your residents. We will evaluate:

• Total payroll by department

• Overtime utilization

• Staff scheduling

• Employee Handbook

• Workers compensation

• Job descriptions and efficiency evaluation

• Recruitment and retention

Our goal is to increase the productivity of your team while improving your resident experience. After we are engaged, we will:

Request various documentation and records for review in advance of a site visit to develop a very specific agenda for discussion with management and department heads

Schedule a site visit for meetings with management, department heads and selected staff to discuss predetermined agenda and answer any/all questions

Please note that after our site visit, we may request additional documentation to complete our assessment. Within ten days of the site visit, a comprehensive report with specific staffing recommendations by department will be issued to senior management. We will also provide specific recommendations related to job descriptions for each position at the facility.

Contact Us to learn more about how our staffing assessments and senior living management market feasibility assessments can increase your facility’s success.