After our Senior Living Market Feasibility Analysis is completed, we will shift into the second phase of our co-developer services which is business planning and development analysis.

In this phase, we will work with you to complete a business plan to be used for the purpose attracting partners, operators, and investors.

Additionally, the development analysis would include:

Development Assessment – project types, costs, sizing, budget if phased development

Financial forecasts to determine sufficient cash flow and profitability potential exist to support the proposed project

Time table for project to achieve positive cash flow breakeven

Working capital estimates and start-up capital requirements

Identification of debt and equity needs

Conduct discussions with industry appraisers, architects, equity and debt sources as a precursor to the Phase II engagement to utilize opinions of industry professionals in the Business Plan

Assist and coordinate preliminary site plan design, with the Architect, Civil, Local legal and Application costs to obtain local approvals to be paid by the Client