At Senior Living Management, we offer an executive level operations audit that is designed to assist senior directors and their staff in attaining facility management excellence.

We recommend our clients use this audit as a self-evaluation tool to understand the expectations of operational performance and help functional managers reach their goals of providing quality services for residents.

The operational audit is comprised of several elements, including a comprehensive survey where each survey statement is rated from 0 to 10, 10 being the best, or most consistent, and 0 being the poorest, or least consistent.

Here are a few examples of the survey statements:

• Are staff meetings and department head meetings being held?

• Are minutes of these meetings on file?

We have used this audit with great success in facilities around the country because we see it as a first step in a larger improvement effort. When the audit results come in, we don’t walk away and leave you to decipher the best course of action. We work with you and your team members to develop and implement a way forward.

For example, in areas where improvement is needed, we will work with the Department Head will be responsible for completing a Plan of Correction using the attached forms that will be provided with our Report.

Once we are retained and conduct a phone interview with management and the Administrator or the Executive Director, we will ask for various existing information to be forwarded to develop or modify our survey and an analysis to meet the goals and objectives of management.

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