To truly take advantage of the upcoming senior housing boom, Senior Consulting, LLC is proud to offer comprehensive marketing and occupancy consulting services to ensure that any adjustments you make to your facility are guided by the right market data. In addition to offering a range of senior living research reports, we also offer full census development and senior living feasibility study services to ensure the success of your current facility’s or next facility’s endeavor.

Our role as senior living consultants is to work with you and your team to acknowledge performance and encourage educated risk taking. We believe that the people on the front line of your facility need to feel valued and properly supported to in turn provide you and your residents the best quality of service.

Yet what we have learned over our vast experience is that a facility’s marketing and occupancy efforts are at the core of its success. These functions directly correlate to optimizing occupancy and also developing a community-supported reputation that will result in a wait list of eager new residents.

The challenging truth about marketing and occupancy efforts is that there is always more that you can do to improve your performance. We find that many of our clients benefit from a fresh pair of eyes looking at the process, and are happy to provide that service to those who have the resources to engage us. To help improve marketing and increase occupancy, our consultants will:

• Evaluate your existing Marketing Plan

• Complete a full statistical analysis

• Review and make upgrade recommendations for your marketing budget

• Mystery Shop your competition & use their weakness to your advantage & compare results to your facility’s mystery shop

• Comprehensively evaluate your staff, including lead management

• Perform a productivity analysis

• Analyze sources for referrals and educate your customer service team in soft sales

• Provide recommendations and plans for increasing resident retention

After an initial phone interview with management, we review existing marketing documentation and schedule a site visit. Please note that we will mystery shop your facility before our initial meeting to get a comprehensive picture of your facility’s current state of operate. We will then spend two days on site and provide a sales training session based on our analysis of your facility your competition. We will also provide a management reports with additional recommendations and suggested next steps.

Contact Us to learn more about how our marketing and occupancy consulting services can increase your facility’s success.