Independent living is a residential choice for individuals who want to maintain an independent lifestyle, but are ready to leave their family home and join a resource rich community of peers.

Independent living is an amenities-based residential option that provides a full service community. Unlike assisted living facilities or memory care facilities, independent living facilities don’t include medical service or skilled nursing attention.

However, given the increasing market demand for memory care housing, there is a huge opportunity for independent living facilities to diversify their services by adding a memory care unit or memory care beds.

Our Senior Living Market Feasibility Studies and senior living market research reports have shown that transforming your independent living facility into a larger living campus that also has housing arrangements for individuals who need assisted, memory-based, or more comprehensive care is one of the best things you can do for your residents and yourself. For residents, it provides them various levels of care they can graduate into should their health require it, and for operators it provides a way to expand the appeal and profitability potential of their facility.

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