What we have seen over the last several years is that the results of senior living market feasibility assessments have been indicating a huge opportunity for senior living facilities to expand their development. Taking advantage of this opportunity means partnering with the right developer to ensure your facility’s construction success.

We can work with you to get the best results from your development initiatives. In addition to helping you identify your market and competition with a comprehensive Senior Living Market Analysis, we can help you implement the results of that study through our range of consulting services. We are available to help you with the following tasks. For a complete list of our consulting services, please Contact Us.

Site Identification and Negotiation
We can help you research the potential site areas and identify several potential options, approach owners and realtors directly, and negotiate the sale

Design Management
We can work closely with architects to help maintain a development timeline and keep the project on track. We also will get required input from state and local officials and track all approvals.

Selected Architects, Engineers and Contractors
We often conduct an RFQ/RFP Process to select the right team for your project. Our database of major contractors and architects can be used to develop a customized list to find the best-suited professionals for your project. To learn more about some of our frequently used contacts, please click here.

Construction Management Support
We have found that having a central contact point between a project’s engineers, architects contractors can be an invaluable asset to ensure clear communication, conflict resolution, and timetable adherence. Our consultants are experienced in construction management support and are eager to take the burden of coordinating off your shoulders.

To learn more about these services and hear about our complete service officer, please Contact Us or visit our sister site to learn more about our developer services.