After the completion of a Senior Living Market Feasibility Analysis, we recommend developing a comprehensive business plan to capture next steps and goals effectively for funding solicitation.

Our consultants can work with you and your team to produce a document that includes:

An Executive Summary – An introduction and summary of key aspects of the project

An Overview for Use of Funds – An overview of hard and soft costs (equipment, furniture, operating capital, etc) supported by the forecasts and separate schedules.

An Overview of Executives and Key Employees – An overview of the team’s experience and roles

A Detailed Exit Strategy – A plan of how the investor can recoup their capital within three to five years, which often includes debt repayment plans, recapitalization, sales of the business, acquisition, or going public

An Outline of Risk Factors – All our business plans include a section that defines the risk for potential investors and elements that mitigate those risks

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