Active Adult Communities are living arrangements for individuals who no longer want to downsize from their family home and have more convenient access to activities and peers. Unlike assisted living facilities, active adult communities do not have any medical services available as part of their amenities model. However, given the upcoming opportunity in the memory care housing market, we are encouraging all our clients to explore the potential benefit of adding dementia care beds to their current facility.

The average resident age in older active adult communities is between 75–80 years. This older population is now in need of additional service and care, and our Senior Living Market Feasibility Studies indicate now is the time to make that investment in development due to high market demand.

Active Adult Community residents who are in need of memory care currently access services through home health agencies or regional senior living facilities; as their condition continues to degenerate, they need to move out and relocate to another, dementia-focused facility. Not only is this strategy very costly for the resident, it is also a bad situation for the active adult community as they will lose residents when they reach a certain level of care.

By using existing or adjacent land to develop complementary units, like an assisted living or memory care unit, the community can offer their population a larger variety of living choices and greater access to the services they need throughout the course of their life. Building additional stand alone memory care units in carefully planned locations can help provide more services without losing the community’s appeal with young, more active residents.

At Senior Consulting, LLC, we have conducted senior living market research reports and see a great opportunity with active adult markets to integrate memory care into these communities. We utilize project specific development and turnkey approach that makes it easy for developments and operators add to the continuum of care, offering comprehensive development and management services that are both creative and flexible.

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